Maurel girls

I absolutely fell in love with the Maurel girls! While Bruce and I were in Ballito I spent everyday with Ryen, Mica, and Emme. We made many memories together and become best of friends! Here are a few memories I captured through my lens!

A day at the beach.

afternoon on the beach-3

afternoon on the beach-5

afternoon on the beach-7

afternoon on the beach-8

afternoon on the beach-9

afternoon on the beach-10

afternoon on the beach-13

afternoon on the beach-14

afternoon on the beach-15

afternoon on the beach-16

Fun at the pool.

day with the girls-2

day with the girls-5

day with the girls-6

day with the girls-7

day with the girls-8

Tea Party.

day with the girls-13

day with the girls-11

day with the girls-12

day with the girls-14

day with the girls-16

day with the girls-17

Snuggle time.

day with the girls-20

day with the girls-19

day with the girls-23

day with the girls-24

day with the girls-22

day with the girls-21

day with the girls-25

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