To blossom

Everything about this shoot was lovely, from the shimmering lake to the crown of flowers upon Julianna’s head. A very special thank you to Julianna for modeling for me.

As a flower blossoms so does one in her youth, to capture this is a privilege.

twigs&things-7 twigs&things-9twigs&things-1-3twigs&things-15twigs&things-16twigs&things-25twigs&things-22 twigs&things-21twigs&things-48 twigs&things-27twigs&things-56twigs&things-29 twigs&things-30 twigs&things-31twigs&things-32twigs&things-57 twigs&things-33 twigs&things-34 twigs&things-40twigs&things-38twigs&things-52twigs&things-70twigs&things-65twigs&things-63twigs&things-77twigs&things-76twigs&things-54twigs&things-72 twigs&things-73 twigs&things-74twigs&things-83twigs&things-92twigs&things-94 twigs&things-95twigs&things-101 twigs&things-102twigs&things-105


5 thoughts on “To blossom

  1. You did such a wonderful job with these shots, Denae! Several of them are shots I could see in magazines–especially the one of Juls smiling and reaching her hand down into the water. Great job!!!

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